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2015 theme


~ if anyone is in Christ, he has become a new creation


2 Corinthians 5:15-20




In Christ We Find New Perspective (15-16)
The Apostle Paul shares an insight for missional motivation when he describes how he views people. We should see them through the eyes of Christ, not as sinful people, but in terms of what they can become through spiritual transformation. We should also use that new perspective as we engage our neighbors in state missions. Margaret Lackey helps us envision youngsters at camp as future missionaries, regular church members becoming short-term international missionaries, and college students becoming church planters.




In Christ We Find New Potential (17)
The God of creation, raised Christ from the dead. Those who trust Christ receive the resurrection power of God and enjoy the unexpected blessing of “new creation.” Although we often feel personally inadequate for fulfilling God’s will, we have unlimited access to His missional power. Our witness and compassionate activities carry the potential for re-creating the lives of our neighbors. Margaret Lackey engages in life-changing ministries that teach people to read, prepare them for the job market, or rescue them from drug addiction or prison.




In Christ We Find New Purpose (18-20)
Those whose lives have been re-created, become witnesses for Christ. Paul calls us “ambassadors” and indicates that God uses our new–life experience to reach out to others with the hope of finding life worth living. Margaret Lackey challenges us to become missionary ambassadors also. We can share our financial resources by making a generous offering. We can encourage others to join us by promoting the offering in our local congregation. We can receive missionary training in literacy, disaster relief, or cross-cultural ministry and become active participants in God’s design to make Mississippi “A New"!


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