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When you visit FBC Lauderdale, you will find a church committed to loving God, growing together and serving others! You will find a church that is very friendly and committed to missions, both local and global.  Most importantly, you will find a church that values the power of prayer!

First Baptist Church of Lauderdale is a cooperating Southern Baptist Church and affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the Lauderdale Baptist Association.

We concur with the Baptist Faith and Message, a statement of faith affirmed by many churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. This is a Confession of Faith and, as such, it is only a general testimony to convictions most of us have in common.  It is not a creed to which anyone must subscribe.

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How to Become a Member

Commit Your Life to Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior

Would you like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and follow Him as your Lord and Savior? Here's how you can do it.

A- Admit that you cannot save yourself and that you need a Savior.

B- Believe in Jesus Christ alone as the one who died and rose again to offer you forgiveness and eternal life.

C-Commit your life to Jesus and follow Him daily as your Lord and Savior.

If you have never done this, come forward at the end of the service at the invitation. Meet the pastor and express your desire to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be baptized by immersion as a public testimony of your faith in Him, your obedience to His commands, and as a symbol of your relationship with Him.

Commit to a Relationship with First Baptist Church of Lauderdale

Come forward at the end of the service, during the invitation, to meet the pastor. Express your desire to become a member of FBC Lauderdale. If you are coming from a church that does not require baptism by immersion, we will ask that you be baptized out of obedience to the example of Jesus Christ and as a way of identifying with this church and it’s people.


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